My 90-day Transformation program is designed to change your life in JUST 90 days. In 90 days you will see a complete transformation from sickness to Wellness. This is the plan to get you healthy and help you to Stay Healthy. This program provides all personalized programs, as well as more 1:1 coaching, and gives you the direction on how to avoid getting sick: Prevention is better than the cure.

This program includes the following:

  • Complete Lifestyle Assessment
  • Detox for healing
  • Personalized cleanse to heal plan
  • Customized  “Food as Medicine” meal plan
  • Customized 90-day program designed for your personal, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health
  • Weekly individual coaching via Zoom (60 minutes)
  • Support texts, WhatsApp, and emails
  • Recipes and resources
  • Video series

Cost: $999


  • Fingerstick
  • Live Blood Evaluation (results given immediately) using high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells.
  • Complete evaluation of health and lifestyle, including sleep, diet, and stress management.
*This service is available only for those living within 30 miles of Chicago. 
For small groups outside of Chicago, please email to inquire about rates and availability. 

Cost: $199

What My Clients Are Saying!

“I followed through his program and got amazing results!! Lost weight and got healthier in the process.”

– D. Patel – 


“Rajesh’s program was great. His lemon therapy program worked well. If you want healthy living tips, I recommend you enroll in this program.”

– M. Shah – 


“Rajesh, experience in holistic health and to get anyone from and unhealthy state of being to full health is outstanding. I’m honor to be able to experience first hand his ability to lead people to a better life overall”

– R. Irizarry – 


“What I know about Rajesh is that he has a lot of experience and knowledge on health and wellness. He taught me how to get better with a lifestyle change. With the lemon water detox, I got 70 to 80% improvement in my knee and hand arthritis.”

– Mukesh S. –

I would definitely recommend this program and I already have to other people. If you follow the plan, you will definitely lose weight and get lots of energy. which I have. I am joining the gym, and his program helped me get motivated to do that. I’ve lost 15 lbs and I’ve maintained it. 

– Chintan –

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